Spells 2015
Design Consultancy for Scutum Jewelry 

Spells 2015
Consultancy for Scutum Jewelry 

Spells is a collection constitued by 15 pieces of jewellery in silver and black enamels. 

The collection proposes a new female line, designed for the Scutum brand. Spells refers to the ancient feminine power of applying magic, through the use of beauty and spells. Owning these jewels means wearing a deep meaning, passing it down and manifesting it without fear. Architecture of the collection: AbracadabrA, Poisoned Heart, Double Message, God Bless You, Alphabet Necklace, Ancient Spells.

Materials | Techniques: silver, rhodium plated, pink gold plated, goldsmithing.

Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum
Incantesimi Collection X Scutum-07
Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum
Catalogo x Scutum

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