Reaction Poetique. 2010-11

>>>> La funzione estetica è molto di più che un semplice ornamento  alla superficie delle cose e del mondo, come a volte si pensa. Agisce profondamente sulla vita della società e dell’individuo, concorre alla guida del rapporto – sia passivo che attivo – dell’individuo e della società con la realtà che li circonda. Jan Mukařovsky. <<<<

Reaction Poetique explores the reactions between jewelry and the body, people and the space around them. Like every other feature of the project, the aesthetic component is very important and acts with a precise function: it can help us to live better, in order to feel the beauty of the world. This body of works try to absorb this aesthetic balances traducing it in poetic and suggestive pure shapes. What it is interesting in the making is the translation of this beauty and idea of magnificence on the people.

materials | techniques: silver, gold plated, pure silk, handsewing, japanese sartorial techniques, goldsmithing.