Phylogenesis 01 | 2012

Phylogenesis 01 | 2012

Phylogenesis 01 consists of a collection of 15 pieces of jewelry combined with an art installation.

Phylogenesis (from greek “species”) indicates the ‘growing form” and its development in three dimensional space. The pictures used in this collection come from the work of the photographer Muybridge (1830/1904) which reveal clearly this idea of dinamic movement and transformation. The simbolical minimal shapes are recombined together through a process that reflects the variations and the modularity of the same shape. The figures are added, traslated and finally are sewing together with silk thread to create complex compositive systems. Between manuality and tecnology, the aim of the research is to reveals how differents fields as philosophy, antropology, photography can let us to a new materic hybrid culture.

Monographic Catalogue: Phylogenesis | Chiara Scarpitti (2012). Curated by M.Petroni. Texts by Cecchini, Incutti, M.P., Petroni, M., Ranzo, P. Napoli: Edizioni Fondazione Plart.
Materials | Techniques: silver, steel, silk, plexiglass, goldsmithing, photo etching, digital print, laser cut, hand sewing.

Phylogenesis necklace
complete collier birds
pendant bird egg
_Soukizy.com__MG_2299 copy
brooch esagon fractals
_Soukizy.com__MG_2291 copy
_Soukizy.com__MG_2132 copy
pendant square box2
Phylogenesis pentagon
Phylogenesis birds pendant low
Phylogenesis pendants
pendant frattali
Phylogenesis Fractals pendant low
earring fractals boxes 2
_Soukizy.com__MG_2141 copy
necklace Muybridge
_Soukizy.com__MG_2268 copy
scarpitti chiara #02 ok
rings microscopic

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