De Antiquissima 2018

De Antiquissima 2018

De Antiquissima is a series of 5 digitally printed collages on silk placed in hanging frames.

The new perspective in which Vico places himself also leads to a change in the analysis of etymological procedures, which from following an "intellectualistic" model ends up following a "fantastic" approach. Etymology is not limited to tracing the origin of words, but turns toward a semantic and anthropological understanding internal to language itself. Poetry, metaphysics, truth, knowledge, discourse: these are some of the words identified for the construction of a new narrative imagery that starts from the philosophical theories of Giambattista Vico to arrive at the assembly of digital collages. The work is divided into a series of boxes suspended which accommodate illistrations printed on silk. 

Materials | Techniques: printed silk, plexiglass, iron, raw rope. 24x30x6cm / excluding rope 40cm

Immagine per catalogo GBVico
Immagine per catalogo GBVico
Immagine per catalogo GBVico
Immagine per catalogo GBVico

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