Diatoms De-Science. 2012

Diatoms. 2012

>>>> The project Diatoms De-Science - intersection between design and biology, proposes itself as an international research opportunity to transfer principles and models related to the specific photonic, mechanical, morphological and structural characteristics of diatoms in the specific production sectors of lighting, design of electronic and digital devices, furniture design and jewelry design. Scientific coordination: Carla Langella. <<<<

The Diatoms collection of scarves focuses its research on two main aspects of diatoms: their aesthetic as a pure element of drawing and their biological ability to grow, to modulate, to develop into the water. The graphic patterns realized are inspired by diatoms images visualized scientifically by sem microscopes. The intent is a new production of silk scarves that recreate on skin, throught their transparencies, marine and unpublished textures. One of a kind. 

materials | techniques: pure silk creponette, silk chiffon, digital print, hand sewing.