Crafting Ecosystems. 2021  >>> ongoing

Postfossils. 2018-19  >>> on going

>>>> In these days, there is a recurrent use of the expression "back to the normal world" as if what we lived before Covid-19 was normal: social disintegration, widespread poverty, animal exploitation, destruction of the environment, increasing damage to the planet and natural things. Leonardo Caffo, 2020 <<<<

During the Covid-19 emergency of 2020, the Information system, governed by data- flows, generations, and representations, proved to be one of the most overwhelming and uncontrolled phenomena. In this scenario, the essay presents a critical analysis, highlighting urgencies and opportunities for the design discipline to define its substantial and meaningful role in the Information Age. The research encourages the design culture to go beyond the dichotomy between materiality and virtuality by depicting reference's paths and practices, trying "to craft" new hybrid ecosystems. To inspire new design challenges, the experimental project Crafting Ecosystems is a proposal of a new design-led scenario for the Information. The goal is to offer a different kind of public Information based on empathy and awareness, focused on the restoration of a balance between natural and artificial, translated into tangible actions, replies to emergency circumstances. The final designed project is an interactive invitation to observe reality in an integrated way and realize how data and emergencies inevitably depend on the interconnected balance between all living beings. Keywords: covid-19, data visualization, material-focused design, algorithms, natural ecosystems.

Designed and Written by: Chiara Scarpitti, Enza Migliore and Francesco Dell'Aglio.
Full Paper and Project presented at Design Cultures CUMULUSROME 06.2021 "New Normal Session" (curated by L. Imbesi, L. Di Lucchio - Università La Sapienza Rome)