Alchemic Room 2010

Alchemic Room consists of 4 tessellations jewels and 10 polar intersection pieces.

The symbol word originally means to throw together, but also unite, put together. The symbol in the jewel is its essence. The symbol moves itself in the unpredictable feeling, in the natural instinct. The irrationality and the mysticism is a concept that encompasses ancestral all peoples by ever. Its presence in the jewel is in a dialectical relationship with that element poetic and visionary, and becames concrete action in the reality of all days.

Materials | Techniques: silver, steel, pure silk, digital print, photo etching, handsewing. 
Credit Photo: A. Chiarappa

Scarpitti_Chiara_Reaction Poetique tassellations_02
Reaction Poetique 6 – tassellazioni
Alchemic Room sectioaurea little earrings low
Reaction Poetique 001
Reaction Poetique 004 ok
Alchemic Romm eggs little earrings low
Reaction Poetique,
Reaction Poetique 003
Alchemic Room eggs earrings

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