Organica. 2006-2008

Organica. 2007-08

>>> Once you start to speak of things that are precious, you are immediately anxious about how people will react to what you have said, and you want to protect these things, to defend them against incomprehension. Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time, 1986. <<<<

Organica jewels are been developped around the idea of the body: hair, eyes, skin, hands. Each body element is been extracted for itself ancient meaning and translated trought a contemporary new vision: “saint lucy”, “camouflage” and “intramani”. Near these projects, there are others projects concerning the nature and its textures, like the brooches “autumn stories”, the wedding rings “trees” and the “organica”white parure, always in the perspective of a reconnession with a primitive body.

materials | techniques: silver, pink gold, raw cotton, porcelain, mixed copper alloy, goldsmithing, hand sewing.