Organica 2006-2008

Organica. 2007-08

Organica consists of a diverse body of works created between 2006 and 2008 in occasion of various exhibitions and around the concept of of emptiness body. 

Organica jewels consist of a diverse body of works developped around the idea of emptiness body. Each body element is been extracted for itself ancient meaning and translated trought a contemporary new vision: “hair/camouflage”, “hands/intramani”, "time/emptiness", "perceptions/textile".

Materials | Techniques: silver, pink gold, raw cotton, porcelain, mixed copper alloy, goldsmithing, hand sewing.
Credit goldsmith: Asad Ventrella Contemporastudio.


Organica, silk parure_ high resolution
Organica, silk earrings
disegno di vuoti
disegno di vuoti mostra 1
orologio – disegno di vuoti
Hair earrings
collana hair 1

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