Crafting Ecosystems | echinoids 2022

Crafting Ecosystems | echinoids 2022

Crafting Ecosystems consists in one video installation, a serigraphy, infographics and texts.
Designed and written by: Chiara Scarpitti, Enza Migliore and Francesco Dell'Aglio.

This project start from the Crafting Ecosystem | algae project of 2020 and can be seen as a kind of espansion of this new hybrid realm. During the Covid-19 emergency of 2020, the Information system, governed by data-flows proved to be one of the most overwhelming and uncontrolled phenomena. The project offer a different vision of informations borrowed from living organisms, and consists of a set of digital artifacts and graphic artworks inspired by the photoaxis movement in sea urchins in response to external stimuli. The achieved awareness is translated into tangible actions for a renovated balance with nature. The project consisted in a system of interactive artifacts and graphic artworks inspired by photoaxis in sea urchins in response to external stimuli. The experimental project Crafting Ecosystems, activated by the emergency of the global pandemic, is an attempt to exploit the traditional approach of the designer toward data to produce a new awareness about extraordinary dynamics and bold design-led scenario. In this proposal, raw data are seen as physical materials expressing information capable of modelinga tangible change process. The project is based on a double-time perspective, made evident during the lockdown: the speed of the media information coming from the continuous digital flows; and the slowness of the natural ecosystems with its calm and inexorable evolutionary times. With the aim to relate man and nature through digital technologies, combining these two-time levels, it is an invitation to observe reality in an integrated way and realize how emergencies inevitably depend on the interconnected balance between all living beings, humans, animals, plants. Crafting Ecosystems is aimed to hybridize virtuality and materiality, infosphere and natural ecosystems, algorithms and critical thinking, information, and empathy. It claims that data-focused design should actively participate in the definition of an advanced Information Age. It opposes digital information's intellectual laziness, employing awareness, nature, crafting, humanity, and transdisciplinarity.

Schermata 2022-08-26 alle 17.42.25
Schermata 2022-08-26 alle 17.42.42
Schermata 2022-08-26 alle 18.18.39
Schermata 2022-08-26 alle 18.17.44
Schermata 2022-08-26 alle 18.07.21
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