Lacrima. 2017-18

Lacrima. 2017-18

>>>>23.06.2017. tristezza | sadness
        27.06.2017. compassione | compassion
        30.06.2017. gioia | joy
        Ogni gioiello contiene un sentimento | Every piece contains an emotion <<<<

Invisible tear, whispered, instead of words. Tear that has the taste of the sea, blue, or sometimes black as the abyss. Tears that roll following paths, that chase each other, that unite to find themselves. Tears like sharp crystals, saline cosmographies. Tears like suspended worlds, waiting for a future to come. 
Process: three tears were collected through sterile instruments and sent to Amsterdam to the laboratory of the scientist photographer Maurice Mikkers - Imaginarium of Tears. Once photographed, they returned to Naples and imprinted on silk.

materials | techniques: silver rhodium plated, black steel, pure silk, digital print, laser cut, plexiglass, handsewing

in collaboration with Maurice Mikkers - Imaginarium of Tears | credit photo jewelry: Amedeo Benestante

limited edition pieces: 1/5.